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Barbara Horak
Best Selling
Pregnancy Resource Center Peer Counselor.
Storyteller Extraordinaire
Life is in the details...
Story: Seventeen
years ago our son
and daughter-in-law telephoned to give us
the good news: we were going to be grand-
parents for the first time! The whole family rejoiced. But within weeks it appeared
something was wrong. Perhaps this wasn't
a true pregnancy.
As I prayed, God revealed something to me.
I wasn't going to be a grandmother. I was
already a grandmother. This was a revelation
to me. Whether this baby was born alive or
not, he was already my grand baby, a real
person. If I did not get to hold him on earth,
I would get to hold him in heaven. read more 
Travels from: El Paso, TX
Recommended Category: Life Issues - Pregnancy Resource Center Fundraiser
Barbara's presentations are upbeat, sprinkled with humor, and always tailored to your audience, your ministries
and your expectations. Her contagious humor has also
been heard from coast-to-coast on the airwaves.
Barbara Horak is a businesswoman, retired CPA, author, speaker, and most recently, part-time rancher. She edited the recently published book, Real Abortion Stories: The Hurting and The Healing (An Amazon.com Bestseller.) 
Book: Real Abortion
Stories: The Hurting
and The Healing is a
must for women suffer-
ing as the result of a pregnancy termination and for any woman who
is considering an
Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who tells her story in this book, says, "These deeply personal stories demonstrate that healing is possible from the traumatic aftermath of abortion."
In the book, fourteen
post-abortive women and one man tell how they lived through the devastating consequences of their abortion choices and they tell how they found healing and peace. They want you (or someone close to you) to know that healing and peace are possible!
Barbara is actively involved in church and civic organizations.She currently serves on the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce Foundation Board and the El Pasoans For Life Board.
In addition to capturing these voices of abortion experience in this in this bestseller, Barbara has been serving as a volunteer peer counselor for 15 years at the Pregnancy Help Center of El Paso.
She has seen the pain of abortion up close and personal. This intimate glimpse along with her concern about teenage pregnancies, has led her to speaking more than 400 times in high schools and middle schools about the risks and consequences of premarital sex.
When Barbara speaks at Pregnancy Center Fundraisers, she says
"Potential donors want
to know their money
will make a difference."
She illustrates how the Center's work is making a BIG difference by telling stories that demonstrate how the  ministries are instru-mental in:
  • Single teens committing to sexual abstinence.
  • Sharing the Good News and seeing lives changed.
  • Saving the lives of the unborn.
  • Ministering to post-abortive women.
Barbara is also available to show Pregnancy
Center volunteers and staff:
  • An easy method of presenting the Gospel
    that has been very effective with Pregnancy
    Center clients. Each participant receives a
    “marked” Bible.
  • How to use Real Abortion Stories: The Hurting and The Healing, with abortion-minded clients.

Barbara has authored writings on various sub-
jects. Her published works include Getting From Paycheck To Paycheck, Simply, a money management book, and a booklet, Simplifying Payroll & Payroll Taxes. Her feature magazine
articles have appeared in Sports Afield, Air-
fare, Church Administration, and Deacon.

Photo Gallery
Beyond the Bandaide Radio on www.NationalProLifeRadio.net
features Barbara's story.    
You can listen here.
Barbara has also been heard   
                                  throughout the U.S. and Canada 
                                 on many radio talk shows. 
Amazon.com Book Review:
Must read for anyone examining the abortion issue - powerful, practical and penetrating
 By Dan Panetti "Worldview Director" (Plano, TX USA)
The book is short, but powerful. There is just something about a woman sharing her own story about the devast-
ation of abortion that removes the issue from the political front page and brings it home with power and conviction. 
.... Wonderful book, I recommend it highly. read more
Special Appearances
Barbara has spoken at fundraising events in
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Michigan.
She has also spoken more than 400 times in
schools about the risks and consequences of
premarital sex.
Live Appearances
Pregnancy Helpline of Three Rivers,
                             Three Rivers, Michigan
Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler,
                             Chandler, Arizona
Pregnancy Help Center,
                             El Paso, Texas
What people are saying...
"Wow! What a wonderfully inspiring talk
you gave. I laughed and wept as you spoke.
Truly I was moved by your message of how God is working miracles in seemingly hopeless situa-
                                             Event Attendee
“Barbara spoke at our fund raising banquet this
 year. She simply shared stories of some of our clients. The audience went from laughing to crying and back to laughing again as she de-
livered one powerful story after another."
"Our donors had nothing but positive responses
after the banquet…they LOVED her! Our ban-quet income was at an all time high as people gave out of passion for the work being done at the Pregnancy Help Center!"              
                                            Angel Wicker
                                            Executive Dr,
                                            Pregnancy Help
                                            Center of El Paso
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