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Crystal Mulloy
Abstinence Communicator
Healthy Relationship Educator
Living and Loving the Purity Choice 
Travels from: Rapid City, SD
Recommended Category:  Youth, Women's Issues, Motivation & Inspiration, Life Issues, Media, Legislative, Political 
Crystal's presentations are always from the heart, tailored to her audiences, interactive and spiced with one of God's special gifts, internal beauty.
Her presentations tend to be on the lighter side where she uses humor to talk about tough issues.  She also draws from ways God has used sexual abuse and other heart pains, like the death of her best friend and cousin from a drunk driver, to transform her life and touch the lives of others around her.
 As a woman in her late twenties, she has chosen unashamedly purity for her singleness. She shares, "it has its ups and downs, tears and laughter; but choosing to follow God and living my life as He directs has been the wildest most terrifying, entertaining and wonderful journey of my life and I would love to share it with you." 
As an experienced traveler of the United States, Europe, and Brazil; Crystal's ability to make people comfortable talking about difficult material has enabled her to engage and empower many cultures and various age groups throughout the world.
Currently she is a Health Educator with Youth & Family Services where she works with youth and parents of youth from 6 grade through 29 years of age. Through presentations and educational fairs she speaks about drugs, alcohol, puberty and healthy relationships.
In addition to traveling and speaking to
hundreds of middle school and high school students every year in both secular and Christian settings; she also works with women on beauty and how God sees us.
Crystal has three great passions in life:  God, beauty and relationships.  Maybe because she is a girl who has always been fascinated by boys, dating and marriage. 
Other passions include serving as the Chairman of the Father Daughter Purity Ball and as a Middle School Youth Leader.  As a former abstinence coordinator at a pregnancy resource
center, Crystal has organized and executed
abstinence events for youth and their parents  such as the City Wide  “Stop & Think” Youth Dodge Ball End of School Bash, and abstinence movie nights at the YMCA.                               
Crystal has served as the point person for South Dakota Family Policy Council and Focus on the Family during the 2006 election. In addition to helping to unite and mobilize pastors across the state to lead their congregations to vote on the ballot issues of abortion and marriage, Crystal had helped to organize three “For Such a Time as This…” Rallies with Dr. Allen Keyes, Dr.Rick Scarborough, & Dr. Laurence White.
Her experience in communication includes speaking, writing and voicing radio and TV ads, event planning and organizing diverse cultures at statewide rallies, lunches and phone conferences.
Crystal is a graduate of Colorado Christian University with a B.A. Human Communication, with an emphasis in Biblical Studies and Leadership.
Short Story on Purity
What others are saying...
..."you did an excellent job and thank you for what you do. Just some feedback, the part about how girls like to be talked to and the non-verbal communication. That was really good. I'll never forget that. The other great thing was your message wasn't just "sex is dirty, sex is bad, you'll get an STD and die."
You talked about how we not only need to say no, but say yes to something greater and say yes to love. I think that's the most important message to get across, and you did that well.
I have all the respect in the world for you that you are still a virgin. That is awesome. I know how hard it can be, but its worth it. I'll keep you in my prayers and God Bless."
                                     Junior High Boy
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