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Eileen Smith
  OR's 2010 Person of the Year
for Life.
Mom on
a mission.
                 Late Laura Hope Smith
                     May 25, 1985 - Sept. 13, 2007 
The Laura Hope Smith
It was 7pm, we had just finished dinner and settled down to watch the evening news. My husband's cell phone rang with Laura's name on the ID. We always loved hearing from her. Laura was so full of life, your spirits were lifted just by talking to her.
Except this time it wasn't her voice. There was
guttural screaming and sobbing on the other end by a voice I did not immediately recognize. I heard the words "Laura", "Hospital" and the 
worst ne, "Not Breathing," and then "abortion".
My brain tilted, my heart sank, and life as I
knew it ceased.
It was Laura's friend Karen on the phone. She
told me what happened, that Laura was having
an abortion and something went terribly wrong.
Karen was at the ER and the Doctor needed to
talk to me. What Karen didn't know was that
Laura had arrived at the ER already deceased.
The EMT's found her this way at the abortion
mill. The hospital was looking for next of kin
to give the news to first, and Karen wasn't kin. 
"Laura's gone" the doctor told me. I wanted
to hear "50-50 chance"...I would even accept
"90-10 chance." But the word "chance" was
not in the doctor's statement. All hope was 
gone, along with my daughter. read more
Abortionist sentenced in death of Laura Hope Smith
On the third anniversary of Laura's death, her abortionist pled guilty to a manslaughter charge. The next day he
received a sentence of three months in jail.
Abortionist Indicted for the Manslaughter
of Laura Hope Smith
Eileen shares that she is ecstatic to hear such great news. "Nothing will bring my daughter back but it is comforting to know that justice is being brought for her death. I hope this will make other abortionists take notice. I pray that I am an example to other mothers and that I will not stand alone in my crusade. Please join my voice.” read more

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Eileen's desire is to speak to pastors, parents,
educators, pregnancy care centers and adole-
scents with her message. Even those already
active in the pro-life movement have  told
her they have been energized and recommit
themselves with new fervor to the cause after
hearing her speak.
"I know that God is going to bring good out of
my daughter's death. We're going very public
with a very shameful, private thing because I
believe God wants to use it to save lives. "
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Eileen Smith received a "Baptism of Fire" and
became a crusader for the Pro-Life Movement
almost overnight when her 22 year old adopted
daughter, Laura, died on the abortion table
September 13th, 2007.
Laura was raised in a
Christian pro-life home
and was pro-life her
whole life.The moment
Eileen heard of her death, she prayed that the Lord would bring something good out of her death so she could
bear it.
Faithful to answer prayer, the Lord set about giving Eileen opportunity to speak about Laura's story all over the country almost immediately with amazing results. Eileen says she feels "empowered, emboldened and emblazoned by the Holy Spirit" to speak, not to the secular world, but to the church with a message that the Lord has given her for this time.
Eileen has said the rest of her life will be spent
for LIFE as she tirelessly travels
with her message. "Every time
I speak, I believe I put another
nail in the coffin of the abortion
industry". Abortion can end in our lifetime, she believes and impassionedly, she tells you how. Laura's  story is one that will move you as you hear the " beauty from ashes" told from a mother's heart.
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  • Heartbeat International Conference, Dallas, TX 
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What people are saying...
"Eileen's testimony changed my life!  I will do whatever I need to do to stand up for life!"  
Those are the words of a pastor who recently heard Eileen Smith's compelling testimony about her daughter's abortion and the resulting tragedy.  Having once been complacent about abortion until it hit close to home, Eileen challenged all of us in the audience to not hide behind the excuses we often give for not  getting involved in the fight for life in our country. I strongly recommend having Eileen speak at your fundraiser- she will raise passion, funds, and commitment.
                   Lindy Dimeo,
                Executive Director of the  
                       Culpeper Center,
                       The Pregnancy Centers 
                       of Central Virginia 
"Eileen's untiring commitment to reveal the crime of this medical malpractice case is surpassed only by the grace that God has given her to forgive the doctor whose negligence killed her daughter. Yet, in the face of this tragic loss, Eileen has found the courage to take this story to the world with the hope that other young women will be able to make
choices that lead to life."
                               Peggy Hartshom, Ph. D.
                               Heartbeat International
Eileen's eloquent and heartfelt address to Heartbeat's conference participants not only brought tears to my eyes, but gave me goose bumps to witness one mother's inspiring courage in the face of her daughter's abortion fatality," said Virginia A. Cline, Director of Public Relations,  Heartbeat International. "I marvel at her passion for life and compassion for others In the midst of her grief for her daughter." 
                     Virginia Cline                             
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