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Joyce Zounis
Producer & On Air Personality
Survivor of Child-
hood Sexual Abuse
Mom of 12 Children
Life Advocate

Beyond the Bandaide™
Story: 'Do not tell anyone of this’ were the words spoken to me as my mom and this Christian girl walked into the abortion facility in 1977. I was 15; my thoughts were not on what was about to happen but of missing cheerleading practice. 
I sat in a room waiting for my name to be called just like any other doctor’s appointment but this was like no other. They said it won't hurt; it did! They said it would be over real quick; it has lasted 30 years!
Eleven years after my first abortion, I was having my seventh. Not once was I told of the emotional trauma I would suffer; uncontrollable anger flamed by betrayal, unspeakable seclusion, and the undeniable inability to trust others.
I was never told you would need to grieve and cry for your unborn. That your life would be forever altered by the horrors of your ‘chosen’ loss, tormented by the innate longing to hold and know your children and their dreams.  read more
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Infectious with passion Joyce captivates her
audiences through personal stories, humor and life lessons. Her inspirational presentations are delivered in a variety of forums from the media to government officials to churches and beyond.
At the heart of her calling is the compelling story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and  multiple abortions. This voice of strength is graced through gentleness to touch your audience with the truth of God's love.
Thirteen years after her first loss, divine intervention awoke Joyce Zounis from her nightmarish past to the truth of her harrowing actions. Inconceivable agony and remorse lay deep within the shadows of her heart.
Not only does she grieve for her seven baby boys, but their children and their children.
Today Joyce has moved beyond the bandaide our culture placed on her private pain of child loss through choice. Her 21st century voice of truth can be heard asking the resounding question, "Is it possible to live beyond the bandaide of your past? 
According to her 14-year-old son, a person uses
a bandaide when an injury needs to heal.
  "You get hurt and
   you patch it up.”
                   Teddy Z 
Childhood sexual abuse.
Worst than sad
- devastating.
Sex and smoking pot at 13
- disconnected.
Being woken up by your mom & brother when you are passed out from drinking and duping
in a dingy hotel with a boy far too old for you
- depressing...dumb.
Having your husband trade you in for another
- degrading.
Being stalked & abducted by a man who kills
- dreadful.   
You can say Joyce knows much about being patched up but nothing has compared to the
gaping hole left in her heart from abortion
-denial. destruction. death.
Joyce's life experiences also draw from the days of past when she was a young wife & mom seeking yet again another free pregnancy test. New to her South Florida address she pulled out the  yellow pages and made the appointment.  Divine intervention was at play for she had mistakenly called a pregnancy resource center instead of the abortion facility. 
The test was positive on the second visit and Joyce became a carefully masked client of the center. Friendships and trust grew over the next year to where she became a volunteer; happy to use her public relations and marketing back-
ground to further the work of the center. 
It wasn't until after hearing Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner, share her story of redemp-
tion on a radio broadcast; receiving hope through praying strangers at the center and  mustering up the tiniest bit of courage was Joyce able to participate in the center's abortion recovery program. The bandaides were thick and had been on for over a decade. This was going to hurt.
What a difficult but tremendous blessing those 10 weeks proved to be...Yes it did hurt but Joyce was forgiven of her abortions, reconciled with her childhood sweetheart, Jesus Christ and able to acknowledge & grieve her seven children publicly. The tears so long forgotten had begun to form and fall along with the bandaides covering the secret sorrows of her heart.
Death was not satisfied with this as it tried to reclaim Joyce's life. Four years later she lost all but two pints of blood and experienced a partial hysterectomy during the delivery of her fifth and final living child. 
Abortion and its many conse-quences had taken it's toll on her body. Again, the God of miracles heard the prayers of many and empowered this spirited mom to get up from her deathbed to later become a national leader of women hurt by abortion and a voice of hope over the airwaves. 
Today Joyce is a publicist and producer on the soon to be released independent film, Silent Fall. She is the owner of the ministry focused production company, Other Than A Bandaide Productions, LLC and Voices of Truth™ Speakers Bureau, LLC. She is the Radio Talk Show Host and Producer of Beyond The Bandaide which can be 
heard daily on National
Pro Life Radio. Joyce 
has worked in television 
for over nine years in both Christian and secular markets and is a regular guest host on Daystar’s Denver Celebration television show. 
Joyce can be found in the Congressional and Senate Halls of our nation's capital along with facilitating and speaking at press conferences on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court. Her message is always seasoned in grace and filled with the truth of her abortion experiences.
Joyce's calling includes mobilizing and ministering to those who have lost a child to abortion or experienced childhood sexual abuse. Since 2004, her voice has strengthened
the hearts of many through the radio show, Voices of Abortion and the internationally broadcasted television show, Faces of Abortion.
She has served as the National Director, Advisory Chair and Colorado State Leader of Operation Outcry: Silent No More. This legal project returned the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases back to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005.
Joyce has also served as the Communication Chair for Pure By Choice, a
faith-based program dedicat-
ed to the advancement of
of the purity revolution and as
a board member of Hope A Place of Rest, a ministry for pregnancy loss.
She has volunteered with pregnancy care centers across the nation and her experience includes client advocacy; facilitating abortion recovery and coordinating pregnancy loss programs; special event planning, media advocacy and training new volunteers. And served for a season as Director of Colorado Pregnancy Centers.  
Joyce asks again, "Is it possible to live beyond the bandaide of your past?" 
Yes...with Jesus Christ anything is possible. 
Our greatest source of hope is God.
Even when you have made the worst of mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. 
It's time to get rid of the bandaide.

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Internationally Released Documentary
"I was wrong." - It is
difficult for most of us
to admit that we are
wrong in the minute
day-to-day failings in
our lives. Can you
imagine coming to a
point in your life where
you realize the very
public platform that
you’ve stood on for
most of your life is
egregiously flawed?
In “I was wrong.” this truth is captured in the
life experiences and changed hearts of two women
forever altered by abortion; Norma McCorvey,
Roe of Roe v. Wade, icon of choice and Joyce Zounis,
seven-time consumer of choice.
Joyce is available to tour with the film.
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Sixteen Stories of Hope after Abortion by Jane Brennan.
Motherhood Interrupted is a compilation of stories by
women who have experienced
an abortion and its painful
after effects. The book chronicles their journeys toward healing and redemption through God's mercy and forgiveness. Joyce's story is featured in Motherhood Inter-
Joyce's story on CBN's 700 Club   
   under Amazing Stories and on
Life Today with James and
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Live Appearances
Students for Life Conference
U.S. Congressional Screening of "I was wrong."
America for Jesus Rally on the Washington Mall
National Press Club
Multiple Press Conferences including Colorado,
Louisiana, Georgia, Missouri & Washington, D.C.
Many more
Special Appearances
  • Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center Training       
  • The Justice Foundation -  Life in the West                                          Fundraiser
  • First Care Pregnancy Resource Ctr Banquets 
  • Colorado Pregnancy Center Volunteer Training & Fundraising Banquet
  • Heartbeat International Conference 
  • Silent No More & Operation Outcry Gatherings
  • Living Word Church Women's Retreat
  • Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale
  • Cherry Hills Community Church
  • Purity Rallies
  • More Venues
What people are saying...
In a time when we are more concerned with what is politically correct than what is humanly good for us, Joyce’s story highlights a brilliant ray of hope for every hurting heart that has experienced abortion.  Her life makes perfectly clear the timeless truth that God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness will always triumph over any regretful decisions we make.
Those who have had the privilege of knowing Joyce can vouch for the fact that she is living proof of what scripture declares: I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love."
(Luke 7:47 NLT). Joyce is not just a believer in God, she is a lover of God, and that love is evident in all that she does.
                                    Pastor Bob Coy,
                                    Senior Pastor
                                    Calvary Chapel
                                    Ft. Lauderdale
Some people in the pro-life movement at times seem to have a vendetta or a cause that they so strongly believe in that they have lost any compassion for people. Joyce is not for a cause,
but has a message of healing and truth to those whose lives have been touched by abortion.
                                     Eddie Alcaraz,
                                     Station Manager
                                     KVTT 91.7 FM
                                     Dallas, TX
Joyce is training up women for war. Instead of the whole 'liberation of women' through porn-
ography, lesbianism, and male chauvinism...she is winning through the liberation of women through the power of grace, the attribute of love, and compassion that reaches the hearts
and wombs.
                                    Kristi Rutledge, 
                                    A Cry Without A Voice
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