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Sherri Williams  
Teen Rape Overcomer
Open Adoption Advocate
2009 Colorado Personhood Amendment Spokesperson
Wife and Mom of Three
“Mom, were you raped?”  I answered, “Yes.”  She grabbed me, hugged me and said,
“Thanks for not aborting me, Mom!”
Story:   I was seventeen years old, and about to graduate from high school.  Freedom and independence were within arms reach.  My plans were to attend a junior college and work and live in a “big town.”  My entire life had been spent in a town of 500 people, and I couldn’t wait to get out of my “cocoon” and experience life outside the borders of this small town.  
Just a month and a half before I was to graduate from high school, I was raped.  It produced such a trauma that I block out the memory of it happening.  It wasn’t until a month later when I fell backwards on my bed, that I remembered the whole horrible event.  The flood of emotion that followed was beyond what I could bear.  Anger and hurt, fear and disbelief flooded my mind. Read more.
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Sherri shares, "Never at any point have I regret-
ted my decision to have my daughter.  I would not wish this situation on anyone, but I would not change it if I could.  God brought me to himself through this and He has worked this situation out for a blessing to me and countless others.  Most importantly, God created Bethany and He wanted her.  I am privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of her life, His plan and now the ability to tell you this story!”
During debate in high school, Sherri remembers hashing out the pro’s and con’s of abortion in her speech class.  She was adamant that it was wrong to take a human life, but was undecided about cases involving rape or incest.  Little did she know that in a few short months, her life would be forever changed by the decision she faced concerning this very issue.
The month was April. The unthinkable happens. Sherri is raped and conceives a child. Within the next nine months she moves hours away from her small home town, reluctantly responds to two job ads in two different newspapers
and is ultimately led on one of the most bittersweet challenging journeys of her young life. 
Today Sherri is bride to Ben and the mom of three beautiful children.  Her 19 year old daughter, Bethany, is in the Air Force National Guard and stationed in Missouri. 
In addition to homeschooling her two younger children, Joey age 11 and Benny age 5, Sherri runs an online health foods store called Tastefully Healthy at www.TastefullyHealthy.com  
Tastefully Healthy was launched as a result of Sherri's long-term, life-threatening exposure to mold. Her health foods store features a wonderful selection of organic and natural bulk and non-bulk items such as grain, rice, beans, nuts and flours. It also carries a large selection of gluten-free products, personal items and household products.    
Sherri also assists her husband in his plumbing business. 
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Sherri's testimony is evidence that God can work through any situation. As Sherri shares her story with others, you can sense God's love.  She is a wonderful communicator who touches hearts with her sincerity and grace.  Her sweet heart comes through in her words and the way she presents how God brought her daughter back into her life.  Sheri made the right choice, and her story will encourage others in a gentle way to make the right choice, too.
Kristi Burton
Initiative Sponsor
Colorado Personhood Amendment
Vote "YES!" on 48…Every Person Counts!
Thank you for doing the KGOV radio show. I will now whenever possible use the show to con-
vince others that abortion for rape or incest is immoral.  The day after I listened to it I made a copy of the show for my boss who had recently questioned me asking, "Isn't abortion ok for rape and incest?"  He listened to it and stated, “I look differently at Pro-Choice now. I think more people should hear this message…At conception it's a life.”
Live Appearances
  • 2008 Colorado Personhood Amendment Day
  • Colorado Right To Life Annual Banquet,  "Colorado: Ground Zero"
  • 2009 Colorado Personhood Launch Press Conference
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