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Best-Selling Author of Post Abortive Stories
Pregnancy Center Peer Counselor
Grandmother who Worked through Her
    Daughter's Crisis Pregnancy 
Abstinence/Purity Communicator
Mrs. South Dakota International 2007
Radio and Television Host
Childhood Sexual Abuse Overcomer
Early Teenage Pregnancy Ending in Abortion 
Rape Survivor
Multiple Miscarriages
Marriage/Blended Families
Heart Disease Spokesperson
Husband and Dad of 4
Former Teacher & Varsity Coach
Youth Mentor & Ambassador
Father/Daughter Relationships
Walking Out Your Wife's Life Threatening Illness
     almost Ending in Divorce
Father of Eight - 4 Aborted within 22 Months
1 Adoption
2 Conceived after 2 Vasectomy
      2 Reversal Attempts
1 Miscarriage
Licensed Professional Counselor
Christian Comedian
Former Media Personality
Healthy Relationship Educator
Single and Loving Purity
Sexual Abuse Overcomer
Abstinence Communicator including
   Puberty, Drug's & Alcohol
Surviving the Loss of Loved Ones to a Drunk
Advancer and Defender of the Post Abortive
    Story, Women and Children in the High
Attorney at Law
President of Law Firm
Law Professor
Guardian of Post Abortive Affidavit
Eileen Smith                           
International Adoption
Mom & Wife who Grieves the Death of her
      22-year-old Daughter and Grandchild
      Who Died on the Abortion Table on
      September 13, 2007
Self Advocate in the Legal & Medical Industries
Injustice Fighter
Pro-Life Patriot
Former Pregnancy Resource Center
     Board President
Mother of Five Children including Peter who
     was Lost to Abortion and Faith to Miscarriage
Wife and Mom of Three
     (Birth mom of Bethany)
Teen Rape Overcomer
Open Adoption Advocate
Small Business Owner
Personhood Amendment 2009
     Spokesperson for Colorado
Husband & Father of Blended Family and Foster
Wife & Mother of Blended Family
Foster Parent
First Married ended due to Husband's
       Same Sex Lifestyle
Single Parenting
Crisis Pregnancy as a Youth
South Dakota Abortion Ban Board Member
Pregnancy Resource Center Director
Former Media Personality 
Mother of 12 Children - 7 Abortions
Childhood Sexual Abuse Overcomer
Former Pregnancy Resource Client turned
       Center Director
National Leader of Post Abortive Women
Producer & On Air Personality - TV, Radio
       & Film 
Life Activist & Advocate 
Single Parent/Divorce
High Risk Pregnancy resulting in a
     Partial Hysterectomy at 33
Small Business Owner
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